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Can someone remind me how to freaking change my thumbnail photo that’s on my dashboard? PLEASE and THANK YOU (: (:

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LOL! Oh gawd. Why isn’t it black?!



LOL! Oh gawd. Why isn’t it black?!


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Jayden and I are smiling and so is the dog (:

Jayden and I are smiling and so is the dog (:

Hey there guys. I haven’t been on this for a long time now. I’ve been busy doing a lot of things! How is everyone?! Anyway, I’m kind of busy right now, but for those of you who are following me on here, please go on facebook and like my fan page.


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Haha. What girl doesn’t like to get licked down there? I just like the pictures, that’s all.

Friday night-

So friday night, jamie and i went to tiki bobs. danced all night on the bar, took body shots off each other. it was amazingly fun. met alex from jamie. alex is the dj there at tiki bobs. we went outside to have a cigarette, came back in and jocelyn said hey girls, take these two guys to dance. we went to go dance and they bought us drinks and we just had a great night. we went to honey court with a whole bunch of people and i was sitting next to the guy we were dancing with. his name is brandon, other dude was robbie. after we ate, we all went home. brandon and i started texting each other and he mentioned that he’s interested in me. so from there on we’ve been talking.

Saturday night-

Saturday night, jamie and i got ready at her house for rick’s birthday at ibiza’s. alex, brandon and robbie came to pick jamie and i up. we all got to ibiza’s and said hi to everyone. got some drinks, danced then went outside for a smoke. went back in and something was going on with brandon. i was lost and confused, i didn’t know what was going on, but apparently everyone else did. jamie filled me in and i was like oh damnnn. i don’t know about him anymore. so brandon left and went on a drive, i texted him to tell him to come back to me and he said “i will after i finish this cigarette cause i can’t smoke in the car.” so i paiently waited for him to come back. I texted him again and said “where are you at?” he said “in renton, i am smashing to come see u.” then he came back he texted me that he was outside and i went outside into the car to keep him company and showed him that i care, cause i actually do care. so we all left ibiza’s and brandon, alex and robbie went to renton to go see their friend. jamie and i just went straight to the “after party” in kent. i texted brandon and told him that i really don’t wanna stay there and i just wanna go home and rest. and he texts me “i am mainly coming down to see i and maybe get u.” how fucking sweet of him to come pick me up and bring me to my car.. very sweet guy. so we left kent and i went to get my car, i went home with brandon and alex just cause i didn’t wanna drive home. brandon and i cuddled and fell asleep.


I woke up in brandon’s arms around 10am. I had to leave for a interview i had at apple bee’s. alex and brandon asked me to come back to the house after i was done so i did so. we procastinated so much, it was funny.. we were suppose to go watch fast five at 1pm then ended up seeing it at 3:30pm. we went to go eat at sushi land before the movie and shopped a little bit. he held my hand, held me while we were walking. i haven’t done something like that in a while now, it felt good actually. during the movie he was holding my hand, my leg, kissed me. it was nice. movie ended, we went to go buy groceries to cook dinner at alexs house and then we picked up jamie. went to go rent some movies. watched all 3 and then fell asleep to the last one. cuddle up with brandon and then woke up the next morning, dropped off jamie and went home.

overall, i had an amazing weekend! this weekend will be somewhat like this, but i bet more fun. well i better hope so lol. hope you guys enjoyed reading this (:

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